Witt A/S

The short version...

It all began in 1993, when the

’man behind’ decided to use his last name as the new company’s name.

A spareroom in his private home was turned into a salesoffice and soon

Witt A/S was founded.

Today 22 years and an incidental meeting with a local architect later

one architectural building after the

other has been built in a spot where

a restaurant use to be

and become our 21,600 sq ft large domicil by the lake in Gødstrup...

and with more than 100 employees nothing but the buildings stand still.

Witt A/S is selling products

coming from 11 different countries.

The products are being sold to the

largest white goods- and kitchen shops,

not only in Denmark, but all over Scandinavia, UK and Ireland.

But even though it all began with kitchen appliances Allan Witts great personal passion for unique design, beautiful art, and luxury items has become the ground stone of the both oldest and youngest member of the Witt family - WittDesign.


Witt Design by Witt  A/S, Gødstrup Søvej  9, 7400 Herning, Denmark  -  Office: +45 96 29 33 79  -  Mobile: +45 30 11 58 24  -  Mail: hbb@wittdesign.dk  -  Showroom open by appointment only.

Our showroom

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