What is a Dome house?

Timothy Oulton the mastermind behind the Dome explains; “We wanted to create something beautiful, unusual, thought-out – doing it in our own way.” The shell is completely self-supporting, free from columns or pillars and the whole structure has been created using FSC – certified timber – and is built to German Passive House standards, the highest in the world. It is an ultra – low energy building with triple glazing on the windows and doors.  Each component lines up perfectly, keeping the structure exceptionally watertight and highly insulated. Minimal energy is required to power all of the lights in the building – the equivalent of boiling a kettle.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, the solid timber Dome Home is a feat of incredible craftsmanship and the culmination of years of meticulous planning by a team willing to take on such a daring challenge.

Witt A/S just finished building no less than 2 of these beautiful Domes by our domicile in Gødstrup, and we cant wait to invite you into an experience beyond the usual.


The Dome houses

Interested in getting your own Dome house?


For more info please contact us by mail hbb@wittdesign.dk or phone +45 30115824

Building a Dome

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