Welcome to our members club

Witt Gold is our exclusive members club.


As a member of the club you will not only receive special prices on

the full range of products in our witt design shop,

you will also have acces to some of the more unique and

limited products that we have collected

around the world for our members only.

Our members also get special offers from the large

sortiment of luxurius products that Witt A/S distributes.


WittGold members will be invited to our exclusive

VIP-events at WittDesign and Witt A/S

At these events our goal is to always give you an unique experience

and our vision to pamper you, tease your mind

and leave you inspired with a crawing for more...


We want to welcome you into a world of luxury and self-pampering.



Memberships are awarded by WittDesign & Witt A/S and can not be applied for


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